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Our huge range of pinholders, kenzan or frogs all have heavy lead bases with a dense array of brass pins on which to secure fresh flowers. They are far more economical and friendly to the environment than florists' foam in the long term, since they can be re-used indefinitely and, being made from lead and brass, they will not rust. They are all individually boxed. the range comprises round or rectangular pinholders, plus well pinholders and pinholders in bowls, both of which are ideal for ikebana, and also anchors for florists' foam or driftwood.

Round Pinholders
A large range of round pinholders, kenzan or frogs.
Bar Pinholders
Rectangular pinholders, kenzan or frogs.
Driftwood Anchors
Secure driftwood, holding it in the required position.
Foam Anchors
A range of heavy lead bases with long brass pins on which to secure florists' foam.
Half pinholder, half foam anchor.
Sun & Moon Pinholders
Matching round and crescent pinholders, kenzan or frogs
Well Pinholders
A large range of well pinholders, kenzan or frogs.