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Candle Accessories

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Candle extinguishers (snuffers) and sharpeners.

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Mini Candle Extinguisher
Extinguish your candles quickly, cleanly and safely with this mini candle extinguisher. Just 2" (5cm) tall. Available finished in a choice of antique copper (hammered) or black epoxy.
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6.54 EUR 8.16 USD
Candle Extinguisher
Extinguish your candles quickly, cleanly and safely with our candle extinguisher. It is 10" (25cm) long and is available finished in black, gold, green, red, silver, verdigris or white.
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6.32 EUR 7.88 USD
Candle Lighter
This Ronson multi-purpose lighter is ideal for lighting candles as well as cookers, fires and bar-be-ques, etc. It has electronic ignition, a variable flame  and a safety lock and it is refillable with Ronson universal gas lighter refill.
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3.38 EUR 4.22 USD
Candle Sharpener
If you have candles that are just a little too large a diameter for the candleholder in which you want to use them, then you need our Candle Sharpener. Rather like a giant pencil sharpener, this inexpensive gadget shaves wax off the bottom of any candle up to 1.25" (32mm) in diameter, thereby tapering the bottom of the candle and allowing it to fit into a smaller candleholder.

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5.07 EUR 6.33 USD
3" Abbey Scented Jar Holder
This good quality British-made holder is designed to hold a glass jar filled with scented wax. The scrolled arms are adjustable and can easily be squeezed together or eased apart to accommodate any scented jar such as a Yankee Candle jar or a Kringle Candle jar. The saucer is 4.5" (114mm) in diameter and the holder is 6" (15cm) tall. It is available in a choice of antique copper (hammered), black, silver or white epoxy finishes.
Jar not included.
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8.46 EUR 10.56 USD
Candle Cup Holder
Use this 2.75" (70mm) diameter, 1.25" (33mm) deep, black plastic candle cup holder to make a flower arrangement on a candleholder. Fits into any standard dinner candleholder.
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0.85 EUR 1.06 USD
Wax Adhesive Plates
Do you have a candle that is a liitle too small for the candle holder in which you want to use it? Then this is the product for you! This handy pack of 24 wax adhesive plates from Bolsius will secure your candle safely in place.
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2.99 EUR 3.74 USD
Birthday Candles and Holders
A pack of traditional birthday cake candles with plastic holders from Bolsius. The pack contains 24 candles and 12 holders in blue, pink, white and yellow (6 candles and 3 holders of each colour).
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1.98 EUR 2.47 USD